Celebrating Play Therapy Week

This week is National Play Therapy Week! February 7-13 is a special week in which we celebrate the importance of play for children and families and honor the work done by therapists as they promote children’s health. At Tanager Place, we use play every day because of its benefits for children as a mode of communication, a source of expression, and a path towards healing. In our Outpatient Services, we have 7 Registered Play Therapists and 17 clinicians currently pursuing the credential (see list below).

This week be sure to check out Tanager Place’s special activities planned for Play Therapy Week!

  • Keep an eye on our social media to hear why our therapists believe in play therapy, why it works, and some of their favorite play therapy toys.
  • Later this week, we’ll have another blog post about what play therapy is and why it works.
  • This Friday February 12th, School-Based Supervisor Emma Thompson will host a training covering Play Therapy Basics. For more information or to register, please go to https://live-tanager-place.pantheonsite.io/event/play-therapy-basics-2/.

To find out more about play therapy and play therapists, go to www.a4pt.org.

Registered Play Therapists:

Lindsey Swales (RPT-S)

Jennie Null (RPT-S)

Andrew Beer (RPT-S)

Abby Seyfer (RPT)

Ashley Hart (RPT)

Cassie Kehoe (RPT)

Joella Gerber (RPT)


Therapists currently pursuing their Registered Play Therapist Credential:

Alexis Erger

Elizabeth Heiar

Amanda Vanis

Meghan Adams

Jennifer Angus

Catherine Croft

Rebecca Montville

Nikki Lown

Debra Brockington

Amber Cook

Robin Hoffman

Kristin Thom

Teague Craig

Tina Patterson

Ashley Ray Wing

Darren Kirk

Emma Thompson

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