Equity and Inclusion Fund at Tanager Place

At Tanager, we believe no family should have to choose between providing essential mental healthcare for their children or ensuring food is on the table. The Tanager Place Equity and Inclusion Fund launched in 2021 to reduce financial barriers and increase access to mental and behavioral health services for families. Its primary purpose is to provide assistance with copays, co-insurance, high deductibles, and uninsured clients who would otherwise be unable to receive services. While the majority of clients at Tanager utilize either Medicaid or private insurance to help cover expenses for services, a typical copay for a family with insurance is $30 per visit. Many clients require weekly or multiple services, have transportation and missed work expenses, and have multiple children receiving care. This can quickly add up to become a significant financial burden, which can unfortunately mean families may choose to go without care if resources are not available to support them.

The Tanager Place Equity and Inclusion Fund offsets the cost of Tanager services for families with limited income. Eligible services include those provided at the Mental Wellbeing Clinic, School-Based Therapy Services, Behavioral Health Intervention Services, and Autism Spectrum Disorder services. Families in need are eligible to apply for financial support from this fund on a first come, first served basis. Tanager currently distributes several thousand dollars of funding monthly to support client needs, yet the usage and requests for support are growing weekly. We anticipate that the need for this program will continue to grow, especially as families are burdened by inflation and increasing prices for basic living expenses. In addition, mental health concerns in youth were exacerbated over the past two years due to the pandemic and associated societal and economic challenges. Current estimates suggest that nearly one in two adolescents are currently experiencing a mental health disorder. We are grateful for the support of our community to ensure these resources remain into the future to uplift families in need.

If you would like to contribute to the fund, please visit tanagerplace.org/donate and note “Equity and Inclusion” in the designation line.

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