Katie’s Story

Katie arrived at Tanager Place traumatized from a life of abuse. Scarred, angry and scared, she was mad at the world and ready to fight anyone in her way. Who could blame her? Katie needed kindness, boundaries and safety in her life. Tanager Place offered hope and counseling.

Life at Tanager Place was hard for everyone. Staff welcomed a teen with serious challenges. Katie was unable to respond to therapy and the other girls in the cottage didn’t know what might trigger an angry outburst at any moment.  With time, consistency and professional intervention, Katie was able to engage in a new way of life. Although she struggled with intense angry behaviors, she learned coping skills and began to invest in healthy relationships.  Therapy revealed the tenderness Katie hid so well. She learned to trust adults again and hoped for a better future.

Upon discharge Katie’s world was still far from perfect. Anger was still a big part of her life and making good decisions was a struggle.  Over the next four years the lessons learned at Tanager continued to impact her life, making it more stable and secure. She let go of anger and found happiness. Now married with three children, she and her husband are also foster parents. Katie understands kids with issues. She’s been there, done that. She knows a lot about the hard work it takes to make a good life and she’s ready to share those lessons with others. She believes in hope.

Katie knows firsthand the positive impact Tanager Place can have on a life: she’s living proof.

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