Tanager Place

Letter to our inpatient families

Updated April 2022

At Tanager Place, our number one priority is the health, wellness and safety of staff and those we serve.

Tanager Place is following guidelines from trusted sources, including the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Linn County Public Health (LCPH). We’re taking comprehensive measures to ensure our services remain safe and provide the best possible care for your child.

Our inpatient program remains open to the children in our care. We are carefully screening and working with health care professionals to assess each potential admission.

Considering a visit?

If you have a fever or cough, we advise you to remain at home and call your doctor. Only immediate family members are allowed on the Tanager Place campus and we have a number of screening procedures in place. 

Screening questions

Upon calling or scheduling an appointment, you will be asked if you, your child, or anyone in your household has or has had contact with a known, lab-confirmed case of Coronavirus. You may also be asked if you have a fever, cough or respiratory issues. If the answer is NO to all, and you are immediate family, please schedule your appointment with your child’s therapist, counselor or QIDP.

On campus

We are trying our best to limit the number of people in and out of our campus. Should you meet criteria for a campus visit, entrance will only be through the Katz building, which is marked admissions and is to the left on the main drive.  please note you will enter only at our Katz building. Screening questions will be repeated when you arrive, and you will be asked to wash your hands. A staff member will bring your child to you and the visit is confined to the Katz building. When the visit is complete, a staff member also will walk your child to the cottages. All visitation areas will be disinfected. We have always been dedicated to sanitizing every surface and room but, in light of the recent outbreak, we are cleaning all surfaces with approved cleaning products at increased frequency and eliminating the availability of paper products, such as magazines.

How we will continue to serve you and your child

Our staff are expected to remain actively engaged with your child and family. Weekly sessions for children and at least twice monthly communication/sessions with family by counselors and QIDPs are expected to continue. We do have the ability to use Skype and other methods of electronic communication to stay connected.

We are offering a variety of service delivery methods. Please speak with your counselor, QIDP or cottage supervisor regarding the options available.

Cottage life during this time

Inpatient is a 24/7 commitment to the children we serve; and we recognize ongoing public health concerns bring added uncertainty.  We are taking steps to provide the safest environment possible for your child. We have suspended outings with very few exceptions. Examples of an exception could be a recreational car ride to enjoy the weather, or a trip to the Dairy Queen drive-thru.

Tanager Place has a large campus with many outdoor activities. Weather permitting, youth in our inpatient program will continue to enjoy these amenities. We also have an indoor gym and several activity rooms. A recreational calendar specific to this moment is being developed so youth can remain on campus, have fun and remain safe. Virtual tours and campus-wide scavenger hunts are on the agenda.  

Finally, our art therapist is putting together additional projects for the coming weeks. Should you have suggestions, we’d welcome them.

Tanager Place is working hard to maintain a clean environment to support your wellness, health and safety. If you have questions or concerns please call your child’s counselor, QIDP or cottage supervisor.

On behalf of our team, it is a privilege to serve you every day, and thank you for your continued trust and support.


We’re here to help.

If you (or someone with you) are experiencing a medical emergency, or are in danger, call 911 immediately.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or feeling suicidal, call or text 988 immediately.

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