Empowering Growth; Inspiring Excellence

Training & Education Institute - Symposium

Our Services

  • In Person and virtual training
  • Speaking engagements
  • Consultation Clinical internship and practicum opportunities
  • Community awareness and education events
  • Family enhancement events
  • Social Media engagement and campaigns
  • Podcast streaming Blogs & written expertise

Who We Are

The Meraki Institute of Learning has emerged from the manifestation of powerful change that has occurred through Tanager Place’s unique style of facilitating learning experiences. We have witnessed firsthand how important it is to serve others with passion, authenticity, and altruism.  We believe education and experiential learning is key in empowering children, families, communities, and systems. Our goal is to help cultivate resiliency, wellbeing, and create innovative and lasting changes within our world. The Meraki Institute provides learning experiences focused on increasing awareness, enhancing family and community connections, and cultivating excellence within individuals, organizations, and systems.

Our Why

Meraki is a word from the Greek language, to describe doing something with heart, soul, creativity and passion. When a person acts with Meraki, they are harnessing the greatness and authenticity that lives within their whole being. We believe in the interconnection of one’s own personal learning and growth and the impact it has on the world around them. When we do things with Meraki, we empower growth and inspire excellence, leaving a legacy of influence.

Our Pillars


We provide resources, tools and educational experiences that strengthen connection, wellbeing and resilience within the family structure. We partner with caregivers to increase their awareness, ability, and confidence to respond to a child’s needs.



We offer one-of-a-kind learning experiences utilizing creative and reflective strategies to increase excellence within any professional’s knowledge, skills and competencies. Our innovative learning experiences provide clinical skill development and leadership training to strengthen one’s ability to impact change.



By engaging with communities, we promote awareness, foster collaborations, create change networks, and provide education to encourage advocacy and understanding of the needs of children and families within the community.



We work with systems to build restorative cultures to enhance safety, trust, innovation, and sustainability of organizations and child serving systems. We create foundations through the building of awareness, skills, and structures rooted in resiliency, healthy connections and authenticity.