Building a Community of Care

Resiliency Puzzle

We hope to be a resource, a learning aid, a nurturing hand, and a healing soul for those on their journey of wellness. We hope these efforts will continue our advocacy, outreach, impact and community growth.” 

 -Tonya Hotchkin, Vice President of Clinical Services

Meraki Institute of Learning at Tanager Place offers critical resources and support for educators, parents, care providers and community members to build resiliency in children and families, especially for those who have experienced trauma.

Trauma is a physically or emotionally distressing experience that affects individuals in different ways. By building resiliency—or the ability to bounce back from adversity—we help children who have experienced trauma learn to regain a sense of security and well-being. Because trauma can lead to a sense of hopelessness, resiliency training also helps instill a sense of capability in children, so they can feel confident in their ability to heal and self-regulate.

Resilient Parenting Series

The 11-part Resilient Parenting Series is a free resource for parents and caregivers to learn more about interacting and engaging with young people in ways that promote positive mental and behavioral health. Learn more about relationships, indicators of well-being, social and emotional development, and enhancements as you nurture a well and resilient child in your life.

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These toolkits are provided to assist parents in understanding trauma and resiliency. There are different activities included that parents can use with their children to foster resiliency. In this section you will also find writings that can help in a variety of difficult situations.