Events, Trainings, & Consultations

Our Learning Experiences have taken place across a variety of environments including:

  • K-12 Educational settings
  • Early Childhood education settings
  • Youth and Family Serving organizations
  • Churches
  • Community Organizations, Boards, and Groups
  • Corporate businesses and organizations

Meraki Institute of Learning believes everyone has a passion and personal mission guiding them to the work they choose. It is our goal to help professionals, organizations, and businesses cultivate and strengthen their passion and turn it into action. Our team of expert trainers have provided innovative learning experiences to individuals and systems on the topics listed below and several others. We also strive to ensure the experience aligns with your need. We are happy to collaborate with you to create a customized training to suite your vision.

  • Child & Youth Development
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Awareness
  • Resilience and Wellbeing
  • Trauma Informed Care and Adverse Childhood Events(ACEs)
  • Clinical Development for licensed practitioners
  • Play Therapy training & consultation
  • Restorative Cultures and Workplaces
  • Leadership Development


Resilience & Trauma Informed Care Symposium

Tanager Place has a strong history of understanding the power of knowledge and resiliency. It is through this belief that Tanager Place has been proud to offer an annual Resilience & Trauma Informed Care Symposium. In collaboration with the Meraki Institute of Learning, this annual event strives to provide cutting edge research and education to professionals seeking to better understand the impact of Trauma and how they can better cultivate resilience within their clients and students and be a change maker in their communities.

Trauma is a physically or emotionally distressing experience that affects individuals in different ways. By building resiliency—or the ability to bounce back from adversity—we help children who have experienced trauma learn to regain a sense of security and well-being. Because trauma can lead to a sense of hopelessness, resiliency training helps instill a sense of capability in children, increasing their ability to heal and self-regulate.

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Youth Mental Health First Aid

One in five children have a diagnosable mental health challenge that can be helped with professional intervention and treatment. Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) is an 8-hour training class consisting of keynote speakers and breakout sessions, designed to equip teachers, nurses, coaches, parents, etc. on how to recognize the signs and also respond appropriately to a child experiencing a mental health crisis.

YMHFA introduces common mental health challenges for youth, reviews typical adolescent development, and teaches a 5-step action plan for how to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations. Topics covered include anxiety, depression, substance abuse, disorders in which psychosis may occur, disruptive behavior disorders (including ADHD), and eating disorders.

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Family and Community Learning

Meraki Institute of Learning and Tanager Place believe in the importance of healthy and resilient families and communities. We believe strongly in the interconnections of families and communities. As an active resource in our community, we provide engaging family and community learning experiences throughout the year. This has included virtual screenings of relevant films, Parenting and Family Enrichment Workshops, mental health awareness campaigns, and social justice awareness & advocacy events. We also engage in supporting other communities in facilitating these events by offering consultation, partnership, and providing presentations by our expert faculty.

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Clinical Development and Play Therapy

If you are a clinical provider seeking experiential learning, look no further. Meraki Institute of Learning provides continuing education trainings in addition to comprehensive play therapy training and supervision to support you in achieving credentialing as a registered play therapist.

Play Therapy training at Tanager Place offers workshops for individuals seeking play therapy education and training. Our Training & Education Institute is an approved provider through the Association for Play Therapy, 16-457. We offer introductory and advanced training for professional therapists or those who are enrolled in a Master’s level program.

There are many forms of play therapy. Tanager Place Play therapists use child-centered play therapy where the therapist observes as the child selects from an array of toys and plays as he or she likes. In sand tray play therapy, the child may use figurines to develop scenes in the sand. In filial play therapy, parents get involved and the therapist teaches them how to better interact with the child through play.

Play is the platform and our trained therapists are able to work with the children and their families in meaningful ways. Play Therapy offers a strong learning opportunity for all children.  Classes are held throughout the year by Registered Play Therapists.

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