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Spring Appeal for Mental Health Month

There is Magic in Healing

1 3Kathryn Stack’s professional experiences as a Tanager therapist range from working with youth in schools to consulting with families and kids at Tanager’s Mental Well-being Clinic, and she is a staunch proponent of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), a technique that encourages positive interactions between parents and children. One of Kathryn’s best memories is when she used PCIT with a family who came to Tanager for help when their five year-old son, *Lucas, had lost interest in running, his favorite activity. Worse yet, was struggling with thoughts of self-harm. Lucas responded well to PCIT and also showed progress under the tutelage of Tanager’s psychiatrist and his school’s support system, all arranged by Kathryn. Over time, Kathryn noticed improvement in Lucas’ self-esteem. In fact, he even started showing an interest in running again! Eventually, the moment that Kathryn, Lucas, and his family had only dreamed about became a reality. Lucas was discharged!



To celebrate, Kathryn presented him with a graduation certificate and they shared cupcakes. Then she announced that she had one more surprise. She walked away from him, opened the closet where he had hung his coat, leaned down and picked something up from off the closet floor. When she turned back toward Lucas, she held out her tennis shoes and asked, “Are you ready to run?” Lucas is only one chapter in the volumes of stories that Tanager has authored in the last century. These stories could not be written without heroes like you who support us financially. Your donation this month will be used to bring the magic of mental well-being to the lives of more kids like Lucas.

Can we count on you to help us reach our $10,000 goal?


Can you help us reach our magic number of $10,000?

The impact your donation makes

$50 provides a week of enrichment supplies for Scholars enrolled in Freedom Schools.

$75 provides a field trip experience for one class of summer autism social skills clients.

$300 sponsors a month of music therapy sessions for one young person.

$450 sponsors a month of activities for youth at the LGBTQ+ Center.

$2,500 sponsors a Youth Mental Health First Aid Course for 30 caregivers.


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