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We believe education and experiential learning is key in empowering children, families, communities, and systems. Our goal is to help cultivate resilience and well-being and create lasting, innovative changes within our world. The Meraki Institute provides learning experiences focused on increasing awareness, enhancing family and community connections, and cultivating excellence within individuals, organizations, and systems.

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Pillars Of Empowerment


We provide resources, tools, and educational experiences that strengthen connection, well-being, and resilience within the family structure. We partner with caregivers to increase their awareness, ability, and confidence to respond to a child’s needs.


By engaging with communities, we promote awareness, foster collaborations, create change networks, and provide education to encourage advocacy and understanding of the needs of children and families within the community.


We offer one-of-a-kind learning experiences utilizing creative and reflective strategies to increase excellence within any professional’s knowledge, skills, and competencies. Our innovative learning experiences provide clinical skill development and leadership training to strengthen one’s ability to impact change.

Organizational Systems & Leaders

We work with systems to build restorative cultures to enhance safety, trust, innovation, and sustainability of organizations and child serving systems. We create foundations through the building of awareness, skills, and structures rooted in resilience, healthy connections, and authenticity.

Upcoming Events

If you are interested in the Meraki Institute’s mission, join us at any of the following events.

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Outreach Services

We provide a personal, collaborative approach to understand what’s at the core of your learning and growth needs and goals. We take pride in combining our expertise and creativity to ensure a final experience that will transform you, your family, and your community.

In-Person Training
Virtual Training
Comprehensive Learning
Custom Training Development

Organizational Assessments Mental Wellbeing Awareness
Workplace Wellbeing Programs
Resources & Tools

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Resilient You, You Can RISE

Using these four principles, you can increase your resilience and improve your well-being. We are at our best when we take care of ourselves and are around those we love.

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Meraki Institute of Learning at Tanager offers critical resources and support for educators, parents, care providers, and community members to build resilience in children and families, especially for those who have experienced trauma.

We're here to help.

We offer a variety of growth trainings, workshops & events. Find an upcoming event which aligns with your learning goals, or reach out to discuss what offerings we can bring to you!

We’re here to help.

If you (or someone with you) are experiencing a medical emergency, or are in danger, call 911 immediately.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or feeling suicidal, call or text 988 immediately.

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