Program Spotlight: PIH

There are many ways PIH assists families in need. An example of creative efforts occurred when one of my clients no longer had funds to pay for his day program. It was imperative that this program be a part of the child’s summer. Home from school, the program offered educational and emotional support. It is the only program in the community that works with children who have behavioral needs and without funding this single mother would have to quit her job.  

As a member of the PIH Care Team I was able to help the family access county wraparound funding to cover two months of program funding and then successfully accessed additional funds through a granting resource for the month of August. School has started this fall and the family continues to enjoy the consistency of scheduling and program support they need. Our advocacy made a difference for this family. Mom was able to stay at work knowing her child’s needs were being met during the summer months and the child was able to remain in an environment that was safe and trusted.

–Austin Sullivan, ICM Specialist

What is Pediatric Integrated Health?

Pediatric Integrated Health, PIH is a program that is offered to children who have a mental health diagnosis and Medicaid Insurance. Created in July of 2013 to help families coordinate physical & mental health services in hopes of reducing unnecessary or excessive Medicaid costs as well as to help reduce crisis events, such as hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and inpatient stays. Last year alone, Tanager Place’s PIH Program served 1,352 children making it the largest program of it’s kind in Iowa.

PIH is voluntary and free, but does require the family to be consistently involved.  Families connect in a variety of ways; through text, email, phone calls or face to face conversations.

The Care Team is made up of three professional team members that work with each family and child.

The Care Team roles are:

  • Care Coordinator: Manages the child’s current services and acts as a link to needed services which may include: additional behavioral health services, helping complete needed paperwork/applications, registrations, identifies resources in the family’s area, etc.
  • Nurse: Provides health & wellness visits, offers a mini health screening, identifies any gap in well checks such as immunizations, yearly physicals, dentist appointments and any other physical health need appointments. Act as a resource for medication questions and helps to provide health education.
  • Family Support Specialist: Acts as a listening ear and works with parents/caregivers to advocate for a family’s needs. Their work includes; assessing a child and family’s needs and communicating with the Care Team. Offers a special connection of empathy, the Support Specialist has had personal experience in navigating a child’s needs in the mental health arena.


Children must be between the ages of 3 and 18 years old with a qualifying mental health diagnosis.* (*ADHD/ASD cannot be the standalone diagnosis)

For those that turn 18 while enrolled in PIH, Tanager Place will help to transition them into an adult program if they are eligible.

Service Area:

Linn, Jones, Johnson, Iowa, Benton, Delaware, Cedar and Buchanan counties

Referral Process:

Call PIH referral line @ 319-286-4530 or email identifying info about the child to

Within 24 hours of receiving the referral, the Engagement Coordinator will make contact with the legal guardian and help set up a face to face meeting to get paperwork signed. Once the face to face has occurred, the family will set up an initial meeting with a Care Team. The Engagement Coordinator will inform the referral source of the care team assignment.


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