Tanager Place Announces New Program, Saving Our Sisters

Tanager Place will offer a new program, S.O.S, Saving Our Sisters. The program will provide constructive opportunities for middle & high school girls who are involved in or at-risk of getting involved in groups of youth committing violence in our community. S.O.S. will attempt to reach youth before they make life-altering decisions, building a support network of peers and adult mentors that encourages positive decision-making.

Tanager Place and the African American Family Resource and Planning Committee will collaborate and work with a variety of community partners to identify and connect with young girls who could benefit from this program.

“We are hopeful this program will provide a new avenue to reach the young women of our community. We are confident that if we can engage with and positively impact the decisions made at a critical time in their development, we can encourage positive and healthy futures.”, commented Mike Hines, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Tanager Place.

This program is funded through the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation’s Creating Safe, Equitable and Thriving Communities (SET) Fund. Tanager Place was one of five nonprofits selected to receive funding. Nearly $160,000.00 was granted from the fund for programming efforts for 2021.

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