Tanager Place receives ITC funding for summer school

ITC Grant Award

Tanager Place is pleased to announce that we have received a $10,000 grant from ITC’s Charitable Giving Program.  These funds will help support Tanager Place Summer School, which provides critical educational resources for at-risk children who require specialized attention for mental and behavioral challenges.

“Tanager Place Summer School helps students retain important math and science skills during the summer break and return to school with a solid foundation at the beginning of a new school year,” said Okpara Rice, Tanager Place CEO. “We are grateful for this partnership with ITC to help the children we serve continue to make educational progress.”

Tanager Place Summer School is designed to ensure that each student’s academic performance matches his or her potential and classroom instruction is tailored to each student’s unique needs, offered at an appropriate pace.

ITC, the electric transmission company serving eastern Iowa and the region, makes contributions to local non-profits as part of the company’s commitment to the many communities it serves. Through the program, ITC supports qualified nonprofit organizations whose programs and projects emphasize the company’s focus of education, environmental stewardship, social services, and health and wellness.

“ITC is pleased to offer this support to Tanager Place, given the critical role the organization plays in serving at-risk youth in our area,” said ITC director – community affairs and philanthropy Donna Zalewski. “This is a great program to help students maintain their skills during the summer and enter the fall school year prepared for success.”

Tanager Place extends their sincere gratitude to ITC for their generous contribution.

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