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Tanager Place volunteers recognized by state

Tanager Place volunteers are being recognized by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg during a special ceremony at Hotel Kirkwood on Thursday, Sept. 26. The event takes place at 2:30 p.m. and is open to the public.

Being recognized are:

Kathy Hausmann

What we told the Governor’s Office about Kathy:

Kathy Hausmann joined the Tanager Place team in May 2018 to assist with data entry for our community based team.  In just a short time, Kathy has cheerfully and diligently logged in over 400 volunteer hours.  She is a tremendous support to team members, enabling them to fully engage in providing essential community outreach and programming to children and families.

“Kathy is not just a wonderful volunteer and caring person; she has become part of the Community Based family in the short time she has been here.  We look forward to Wednesdays and Thursdays and seeing her smile!  She even came in during the 2019 Vortex…that’s amazing for a volunteer!”  – Kelly Bakewell, Director of Community Based and Prevention Services

Joyce Clinkscales

What we told the Governor’s Office about Joyce:

Joyce Clinkscales is the quintessential “Grandma” around Tanager Place.  Joyce has volunteered for over 3 years, doing “whatever, whenever, wherever”, and she does it all with a smile on her face and joy in her heart.

Joyce can be seen at almost every event, festival and fair throughout the community, greeting children and families and sharing the story of Tanager Place and what it can do for a child.  From handing out bags at the Downtown Farmer’s Market, checking in volunteers at Summer Fest, selling taster cups at the state Chili Cook Off, tossing Frisbees to kids at Rock the Block to cutting up hundreds of egg cartons for the children’s craft tent – this grandma does it all for the kids!  She even mad a trip to the State Capitol this year serving up yogurt parfaits to legislators and guests.

As one team member put it, “Joyce just makes you smile.  Whether you’re a child, a parent, a staff member she makes you feel welcome and appreciated and valued.  She just wants every child to be happy!”

Children of Promise Mentors

What we told the Governor’s Office about the mentors:

The Children of Promise mentors at Tanager Place are a noble and extraordinary group of individuals!  They are doing something that is truly special – impacting the life a child with a family member who is incarcerated, on probation or on parole.  Children/youth in these circumstances more often than not have a parent who is absent; are faced with emotional trauma and social stigma; and are at great risk of poor academic performance, delinquency and violence.

Children of Promise was established to embrace children of incarcerated parents and empower them to break the cycle of intergenerational involvement in the criminal justice system.  Volunteer mentors are committed to these children of unique circumstances and are investing in the future of our community.

Children of Promise mentors and mentees meet as a group twice a month for games, events, team building activities, group discussions and help with academics.  Outside of these sessions each mentor is paired with a youth for one-to-one interaction and relationship building.  Together they participate in education programs, community events, and positive activities.  Oftentimes, the mentor ensures their mentee is able to get to sports practice and games and attends school events – enabling them to fully and confidently participate in healthy activities.

Essentially, each mentor steps in to be a friend, supporter and role model.  They provide guidance that builds on the youth’s strengths and helps them unlock their potential to become more confident, independent and successful.  They take an interest in a child’s aspirations and provide them with exposure to new experiences, opportunities for career exploration and a fresh perspective on their future.  They give a child HOPE!

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