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Melissa Walker

Melissa joined Tanager Place in March 2020, but has long held the mission and work of the agency in high regard.

From a very young age Melissa knew she wanted to serve children and families, and has long held a particular passion for children’s mental health access and services. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bethel University, she discovered a love for nonprofit work as a professional avenue toward her personal goals. In the summer of 2020 she completed a master’s degree in management and leadership to further support this work.

The Tanager Place mission is near and dear to Melissa’s heart. She was initially introduced to Tanager Place while speaking with children at Camp Tanager as part of her work with the Area Substance Abuse Council. Ongoing as part of that role, she worked with Tanager Place to develop and co-facilitate training sessions on trauma-informed care, coordinate therapeutic partnerships and collaborate on community-based projects.

Her experiences with Tanager Place don’t end there. Melissa and her family have directly benefited from services Tanager Place provides. She was inspired by the hope and healing offered to her family, and appreciates an opportunity to help secure the mission for other children and families for many years to come.

Melissa lives in Marion with her husband, Todd, and two teenage sons.

Melissa Walker

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