Tim’s Tanager Place Journey

Divorce, family disruption and pre-teen angst led Tim down a self destructive path. Intense emotion, fear, and anger swirled in a downward spiral. He fought anyone, anytime, landing in jail and inflicting bodily harm on himself and others. He ran away.

And then there was Tanager…

Tim lived at Tanager Place for almost a year. There, he trusted no one!  With patience, acceptance and professional counseling Tim eventually learned to trust adults again. He worked hard to get along with other youth, even those that disagreed with him.

Tim states, “Looking back, it was not all roses at Tanager Place. I hated being there but now I’m thankful for them every day as they saved me from jail or worse! The good things Tanager did for me include teaching me anger management skills and new ways of thinking and responding through Art Therapy and the Expressive Arts Program helped me let go of stress and paint for a time, forgetting my struggles and just creating. I also learned how gym time could use up my energy.”

One Tanager staff member had a knack for diffusing Tim’s anger. She could just walk by his room, ask about his day and begin humming a song. Within five minutes he would calm down. It was a simple thing, but meaningful. Visits from a Cornell College volunteer were another highlight, and they keep in touch to this day. These healthy relationships grew roots, and so did Tim.

“I farm for a living.  I am happily married to my wife of 20 years, and we have three beautiful girls and a nice home. I’m an example of the good things that happen when you get the help you need, so please support Tanager Place. Other kids need you, now.”  Timothy David

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