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Resilient you.

The RISE: Wellness & Resilience Framework™, created by Tonya Hotchkin, describes wellness and resilience through an evolutionary lens of human needs and development. Resilience and wellness can be cultivated through intentionally engaging in experiences that enhance our well-being. Every human has greatness inside of them, a natural light that is needed in this world. When they holistically cultivate each aspect of the framework, people naturally rise, living out their greatness and brightness.
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Adaptive relationships that we have with ourselves and others are the foundation required to actualize well-being and resilience.

Experiences: Life experiences influence the developing brain and overall emotional, social, mental, and behavioral growth of humans. These experiences effect our private logic and the relationships we have with ourselves and others.
The ‘YOU’ Intervention: Self-awareness and our ability to reflect on our own personality traits, values, and preferences help elevate our ability to have healthy relationships with others.
Characteristics: Fostering personal characteristics found in a relational approach allows for optimal healing to occur through the context of interactions and environments created through those characteristics.

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Indicators of Well-being

The conditions needed to foster a sense of psychological wellness and cultivate resilience.

Safety: A felt sense of predictability, security, and consistency on a physical, physiological and psychological level. Common understanding of expectations, support, and accountability to safeguard trust and respect.
Connection & Belonging: A felt sense of connection and engagement in community. Environments ensure functioning aligned with the concepts of inclusion, collaboration, and restorative practices.
Meaning & Purpose: A felt sense of mattering and living a purpose-driven life. The ability to identify contribution, fulfillment, and a sense of altruism within one’s life.
Efficacy: A felt sense of capability and reaching expectations within daily living. An ability to identify, grow, and feeling empowered to use strengths and assets in day-to-day activities.

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Social Emotional Development

Integrating prosocial growth in order to interact with self, others, and the larger world in healthy ways.

Awareness of Self & Others: Aware of self and others and understands the possible impact of choices and actions.
Affect Management: Capacity to regulate sensations and emotional states of being.
Relational Rhythms: Able to develop and maintain healthy relationships with others.
Healthy Choices: Capacity to integrate emotion and logic to make healthy choices and forward-think.

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Engagement in daily life activities and intentional experiences to enhance the interconnections of the whole person.

Mind: Engages in activities and behaviors that promote mental and intellectual health.
Body: Engages in activities and behaviors that promote physical health.
Spirit: Engages in activities and behaviors that promote emotional and existential health.

A Framework For All Settings

Parents & Caretakers

Providing resources, tools, and educational experiences that strengthen connection, well-being, and resilience within the family structure. Increasing caregiver awareness, ability, and confidence to respond to children’s needs.

Human Serving Professionals

Serving educators, child and family providers, clinicians, and human service workers.

Offering educational experiences, utilizing creative and reflective learning strategies to increase excellence, core knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Our programming is evidence- and research-informed, with a strong theoretical foundation.

Leaders & Org. Systems

Offering expertise in mental wellbeing, resilience, culture development, and authentic, mission driven leadership.

Consultation, creation, implementation, and support of mental well-being programs and initiatives.

Offering direct clinical services to organizations members through licensed clinicians at Tanager.

Resilient YOU

Providing individualized services and trainings to build resilience skills in youth and adults.

Learn more about how to use RISE in your workplace.

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If you (or someone with you) are experiencing a medical emergency, or are in danger, call 911 immediately.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or feeling suicidal, call or text 988 immediately.

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