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Leadership, School Based

Maggie Hartzler

Maggie attended St. Ambrose University where she earned her Masters of Social Work degree. She also received a BA in Psychology and Philosophy as an undergraduate at Coe College.

I find great worth and value in working with children and families.  I feel that each person has talents, characteristics, and qualities that make them important and special and beautiful.  I believe that my own gifts allow me to easily and quickly see the strength and beauty in others.  Every person deserves to have someone who can see them for who they really are and who they are meant to be – someone to believe in them, connect with them, and sit with them in their struggles and successes.  I want to be that person for the children and families I serve.  It is my hope that each person who walks into my space can leave knowing that they are beautiful and worthy and filled to the brim with greatness and potential.

Maggie Hartzler

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